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Cable guy (XL) designed on crash Bandicoot 12″ Tall. Coming with a coming with a 2 metre micro USB cable for charging your device. Compatible with PlayStation controllers, Xbox controllers and most smartphones.

Holds your device whilst charging? Comes with a 3 metre charging cable and adapters for Android and IOS devices – Lightning cable and Micro USB adapters. Can hold many controllers and devices?including?Xbox one_ PS4_ Steam_ and?all iPhone’s and Samsung Galaxy phones. As well as many tablet and handheld consoles.? Stands 12″ tall.

Box Contains

1 x 12″ Cableguy XL based on Crash Bandicoot; 2 metre micro USB cableProduktgruppe: Controller, Mobiltelefon, Tablet-PC
Verwendung: Zum Aufstellen von Controllern und Mobiltelefonen
Information: Inklusive Ladekabel, microUSB
Zusatzinformation: Ohne Gamecontroller und Mobiltelefon

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