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Our MacBook Pro package adds a 1TB USB 3.0 Mac compatible external drive for backup or additional storage, a DVD Drive, a USB-C hub with 3 full sized USB 3.0 ports and built in Ethernet along with our own software tweaks and extras to make your life easier. You can add 1TB extra storage for £80, or even 1TB of super fast SSD storage for £150. Everything you need to get up and running, out of the box. Just plug and play. These packs can be upgraded, see listings or contact us for details.
Two computers in one, Mac and Windows. Designed to be the complete solution, hardware and software. Complete flexibility. Optional Apple or Steady Comps Ltd. accessories, just enquire at purchase.
VAT is included in the price, B2B Business VAT free sales via Amazon available. Volume discounts also available. Full UK and EU Apple warranty applies. Extendable via AppleCare+.
You can also add one of our famous Steady Comps Ltd Power Packs, which add a DVD Drive (as no Apple computer now ships with one), a USB hub with Ethernet and a USB C adapter. These packs can be upgraded to include keyboards and mice, extra high speed SSD external storage, upgraded USB hubs and even a Blu-Ray Drive. See our listings for details or send us an email via Amazon.
Any Language Available. Any and all configurations available, optional BootCamp installation available. Just mail or ring us for a quote.

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